Resin Raw Materials

Resin is a hard and brittle solid material produced by polymerization of various substances with the participation of small additional quantities of chemical compounds.

Sourcing Resin Raw Materials in China

The development of resin raw materials in China is very fast especially in the last decade. Many new raw materials have been developed one after another. There are excellent factories like Hengyi, Qilong, Luhua and so on, which have developed a variety of new resin raw materials after nearly 20 years of development, and gradually occupy a lot of shares in the Chinese and international markets.

Therefore, China has a very big opportunity for resin raw materials in the future.

Resin granules
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Things to Note

1. Supply chain
The current capacity in China is normal and suitable factories can be found to establish long-term supply chains. But with the impact of China's environmental policies and industrial transformation, many factories are gradually closed. Therefore, our job is to constantly help our customers to find the most suitable factory for them and to give them early warning information.

2. Quality
China has previously been criticized for producing products of questionable quality, but this is now a rare problem and our job is to help you ensure that the quality of products always meets your requirements.

3. Price
The price of plastic additives varies significantly with the price of oil and there are many factors that affect it. Our task is to give you early warning information and to provide the best price advice.

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