Quality Control

We take quality seriously
Our company staff engaged in quality inspection have rich professional knowledge and hands-on experience.

We strictly review and record information on raw materials, manufacturing process, production process, and product packaging of each product.

When encountering a product quality problem, we can accurately deduce where the problem occurs and advise and monitor the supplier for improvement.
In the event that a customer specifies a supplier whose quality is not up to standard, we will assign someone with the appropriate knowledge to conduct a site visit and monitor the quality. 

We will always provide our customers with the most truthful and accurate information. At the same time, we have a long-term cooperation GLP laboratory. If the customer's test results and supplier test results do not match, we will entrust a third party to test to ensure the accuracy, authenticity, and reliability of the experimental results. 

This will effectively control product quality issues, and also assist domestic suppliers in REACH and other regulatory certifications.
  • Real Case

    A Korean customer had been importing in China. But after testing, the impurities of the product always did not match with the information provided by Factory S.

    After the investigation of our quality inspectors, it was bacause the cooling process of the product of factory S was not up to standard, and the performance of the packaging barrel used was not qualified, which led to other impurities after the product was not completely cooled into the packaging barrel.

    Finally the customer chose our company to supply o-aminobenzenesulfonic acid.
  • Real Case

    A Japanese customer purchased raw material p-chlorophenol from Plant Z and entrusted us with the export-related work.

    The quality of the raw material p-chlorophenol produced by Factory Z has been unstable.The customer could not come to China for business trip during the epidemic, so he entrusted us to investigate.

    Our quality inspectors immediately conducted a site visit and determined on the spot that Factory Z had a problem with the discharge port of the wet product drying, and instructed them to purchase the corresponding valve and taught them how to use it, which solved the problem of unstable quality of raw material parachlorophenol.