Supplier Management

We have strict criteria for the selection and management of our suppliers
When selecting suppliers, our buyers will conduct qualification audits, site visits, sample testing, and finally will rate to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of supplier information. 

For suppliers who do not have import or export qualifications, we can assist them to apply for import and export-related qualification as required by regulations. And we can provide technology and channels to help factories to build standard production lines.

We will evaluate the factory from several perspectives, among which the common criteria are:

1. Factory size

2. Product price

3. Environmental protection facilities

4. Warehouse

5. Laboratory

6. Standardized process

Evaluation Form
  • Real Case

    A customer specified us to purchase from Factory M. Our buyer found that several licenses of Factory M had expired through qualification audit, and the information showed that the sales company was different from the production company. 

    We inquired through our network and found out that Factory M had just closed down last month and the owner had disappeared. Now this factory is a private employee selling the product, which is illegal in China and cannot supply a large and stable quantity. 

    We successfully prevented the customer from losing money and wasting time on this order and found a new supplier.
  • Real Case

    A factory in Shandong Province, China, had been suffering from the lack of quality, price and quantity of domestic raw materials, which could not be supplied steadily.

    We helped them find a Japanese factory that supplies raw materials and assisted them to communicate with the Japanese company to complete the import.

    Finally, we also helped the factory in Shandong Province to apply for export-related qualifications and procedures, and export their products to Japan to achieve a win-win situation.