Sarcosine 40% solution

Basic Info:

  • Chemical Synonym(s): (Methylamino)acetic acid sodium salt; Sodium sarcosinate; Sarcosine Sodium Salt; N-Methylglycine sodium salt; Sodium (Methylamino)acetate;
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  • CAS Number: 4316-73-8
  • Chemical Formula:


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Boiling Point
Melting Point
> 0ºC
Flash Point
1.2 g/cm3
Storage temp
Keep in dark place,Inert atmosphere,Room temperature
Appearance & Physical State
clear liquid
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One application of sarcosine 40% solution is to stabilize muscular contractions.

Because this drug helps protect the central nervous system by blocking nerve impulses, it can be used against excessive or prolonged muscle spasms that might cause serious neurological damage.

It tends to reduce painful sensations caused by over-stimulation of sensory receptors, which may make it appropriate for certain individuals with chronic pain disorders (e.g., neuropathic pain syndromes).

It should also be noted that sarcosine has been found to act as an antihypoxic agent that protects cells from oxygen toxicity by inhibiting energy production, including the generation of oxidative free radicals.


The solution is commonly used to treat malignant ascites, hepatopulmonary syndrome, recurrent nephrolithiasis or pyelonephritis, cystic ileus, bowel obstruction and inflammatory ileitis.

It can be an effective therapeutic option when treating life-threatening metabolic acidosis.

It helps increase bicarbonate levels in the blood by buffering with hydrogen ions released into the body's tissues. Build up of these ions in the cells disrupts cellular function and eventually cell death.

It can help by converting glutathione into its lipid-soluble forms, allowing it to move out from inside cells into the blood, which converts back.

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