Poly (2,6-dibromophenol) Ether

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  • Chemical Synonym(s): MC 935A; 2,4(or 2,6)-Dibromo-phenol homopolymer;poly(2,6-dibromophenol oxide);Poly(2.6-Dibrominephenyl)Ether(PBO)
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  • CAS Number: 69882-11-7
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Melting point
Molecular Weight
Boiling Point
238.5ºC at 760 mmHg
Flash Point
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Poly (2,6-bromophenol) Ether is a white powder with a slight bromine odor and a melting point of 296 °F. Depending on the production process, the product can be found in either its crystalline form or amorphous form. It is soluble in oil, ethanol/water, and diethyl ether.

It is a very widely used brominated flame retardant. It is commonly found in electronic equipment or flexible polyurethane foam, and it can also be found in old furniture foam, textiles, and polystyrene insulation. It is a valuable material in insulation and serves as sound absorption and wear resistance additive in rubbers.

But it has been proven to bioaccumulate and biomagnify in both animals and humans, which causes concern for public health. Furthermore, there are substitutes available that pose less risk of toxicity.


Poly (2,6-bromophenol) Ether is a versatile coating and insulating material. It has excellent thermal and electrical properties and high chemical and abrasion resistance to corrosion. The material is attractive because of its low cost, good workability and low formaldehyde emission.
It is a polymer fire retardant material that can be added to textiles and paints and used as an additive in plastics.

It does not require additional flame-retarding compounds or additives such as cyanuric acid for optimum performance. It is safe to use on materials such as polyester, woolens, leather and acrylics.
It can be applied as a binder in adhesive tapes used to wrap metal wires such as copper wire and aluminum wire to ensure they do not come in contact with each other. This treatment prevents corrosion of the terminals caused by contact so that the wire can be reused several times before final disposal.

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