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  • CAS Number: 123-30-8
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Melting point
188 °C
Boiling point
284 °C
Vapor pressure
0.4 hPa (110 °C)
Refractive index
1.5444 (estimate)
189 °C
Storage temp.
water: slightly soluble
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P-Aminophenol is a derivative of aniline, containing both amine and hydroxyl functional groups on adjacent carbon centers. The resulting tight coupling between these two moieties gives p-aminophenol exceptional stability toward acid and alkali hydrolysis.

It is a colorless or white solid that has a molecular mass of 181.15 g/mol. It is miscible with water and melts at 194-195°C. 

It has many applications, such as paper dyeing and the pharmaceutical industry, where it acts as a precursor to precursors for painkillers and other medicines. It is a chemical that is often used to manufacture drugs, pesticides, and other products.

It can breaks down pesticides and bacteria through oxidative pathways by acting as an organic oxidant.  It is also used as a chemical reagent in the laboratory. 


P-aminophenol has many medicinal uses in medicine. It is often used as a topical hemostatic, astringent, bacteriostatic, keratolytic, and anesthetic agent. It acts as a topical hemostatic when it comes into contact with blood on open wound surfaces by working to stop bleeding during trauma quickly.

It helps treat oral infections in denture sores by fighting bacteria that cause infectious ulcers or other diseases of the mouth caused by bacterial plaque accumulation on teeth around the gums at the base of the teeth. 

It can break down pesticides and bacteria, making it an ideal ingredient for detergents, soaps, disinfectants, and decontamination of hospitals.

In the laboratory, it has many uses as a chemical reagent. For example, it functions as an oxidizing agent in titrations and has been used to make qualitative tests for specific amino acids.

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