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  • Chemical Synonym(s): 2-[2-(2-Hydroxyethoxy)-4-Nitrophenyl]AminoEthanol(HcYellow4);Ethanol, 2-2-(2-hydroxyethoxy)-4-nitrophenylamino-;2-((2-(2-hydroxyethoxy)-4-nitrophenyl)amino)-ethano;2-[[2-(2-hydroxyethoxy)-4-nitrophenyl]amino]-ethano;Ccris 4258;2-{[2-(2-hydroxyethoxy)-4-nitrophenyl]aMino}ethan-1-ol;2-[2-(2-Hydroxyethoxy)-4-nitroanilino]ethanol;2-(3-Nitro-6-(beta-hydroxyethylamino)phenoxy)ethanol
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  • CAS Number: 4926-55-0
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Melting point
Boiling point
385.05°C (rough estimate)
1.3129 (rough estimate)
Refractive index
1.5000 (estimate)
3 (Vol. 57) 1993
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HC Yellow 2 is a historical chemical with a bright yellow hue. It can produce HC Yellow 2 via the nitration of acetanilide, and its scientific name is m-Aminophenylazo Nitrotoluene. When mixed with potassium bichromate, it produces attractive shades of orange and pink during the production process.HC Yellow 2 is used in inks that are in solid or liquid form.

It is made of benzene, nitrobenzol, and toluene components with a small percentage of peroxide content. When HC Yellow 2 is mixed together with the accompanying clear colors, it is opaque. If one adds 50% clear alcohol to this mixture, they will get fast-drying ink suitable for printing on paper surfaces such as calendars and calendars.

Its color is red-yellow. HC YELLOW 2 is a yellow, crystalline powder that is insoluble in water. The production process for HC YELLOW 2 includes the reaction of hydrazine with barium azide under heat to create N2O4 which reacts with NaOH to form HC YELLOW 2 and NaN3. Some natural substances, such as honey and beeswax, contain traces of HC Yellow No. 2. 


HC Yellow 2 is a synthetic organic colorant used as an aluminum lake.

it can find HC Yellow 2 in black & white photo processing solutions for generating sepia tones, some bread dough conditioners during processing for nutritional value or improving texture) and some highlighter pens.

It is a bright, acidic yellow pigment derived from chromium oxide. It has an opaque quality and absorbs ultraviolet light. More recently, HC Yellow 2 has been used in the xerographic process and for printing textiles, plastics, and paper.

The color that is present varies with environmental conditions like the acidity of the atmosphere. These substances are also found in some processed foods, including baked goods and chocolate confections. In addition to being an antibiotic, HC Yellow 2 has been extensively used as a dye in many colors, including royal red, light green, violet-blue, dark blue, brownish-black and dirty gray.

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