Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical intermediates are the raw materials, materials, excipients and other intermediate products used in the process of producing pharmaceutical products. This kind of chemical products can be used in the synthesis of drugs.

Import of pharmaceutical intermediates from China

At present, China's pharmaceutical intermediates market is very well developed because of the abundance of pharmaceutical talents, the large amount of infrastructure, the availability of perfect supporting facilities, and the efficient information supply chain.


It can be said that the global pharmaceutical intermediates are purchased in China, and a large number of international companies have established supporting pharmaceutical intermediates production plants in China.


In the past few years, Chinese pharmaceutical companies have gone public at a very fast pace because they are on the fast track in terms of R&D, production, technology and talent with the support of the capital market. Among them, new drugs such as anti-tumor, hypertension and diabetes are being developed at a very fast pace, thus, China's CDMO and biopharmaceutical industry is developing very rapidly.

Pharmaceutical intermediates
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Our Experience about Pharmaceutical Intermediates

You want to produce pharmaceutical intermediates quickly, in which case you need a good lab team, a good pilot batch team, site qualifications for commercial batch production, and some environmental protection requirements.

The government is very strict in approving new chemical reactions, and it takes a very long time. So you need a company that can help link all the production plants and put the specific chemical reaction in the qualified plants, so sometimes a six-step chemical reaction needs to be produced in three or four plants, and only then can you get your needs met quickly.

Our Advantages

We have a professional team of pharmaceutical intermediates, and we have abundant plant resources. We know the reactions of each plant. We know the cost and method of treating wastewater and waste gas of each reaction. Therefore, we can match the most suitable plants for you quickly and offer the best price.

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