Kresoxim-methyl 95%TC

Basic Info:

  • Chemical Synonym(s): methyl (αE)-α-(methoxyimino)-2-[(2-methylphenoxy)methyl]benzeneacetate; methyl (2E)-(methoxyimino){[(2-methylphenoxy)methyl]phenyl}acetate; Kresoxim-methyl; methyl (2E)-2-methoxyimino-2-[2-[(2-methylphenoxy)methyl]phenyl]acetate
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  • CAS Number: 143390-89-0
  • Chemical Formula:


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Boiling Point
429.4ºC at 760 mmHg
Melting Point
Flash Point
Vapor Pressure
1.4E-07mmHg at 25°C
Storage temp
Inert atmosphere,2-8°C
Water Solubility
2 mg l-1(20 °C)
Specific Gravity
1.28 (20℃)
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Kresoxim-methyl 95%TC is a broadspectrum natural product with insecticidal activity. It is a chemical compound that contains a tetrahydrofuran ring fused with a dihydropyridine.

It is a derivative of paraquat. It is also a chemical from the Carbamate family, a class of narrow-spectrum insecticide. Its mode of action is by interfering with chitin biosynthesis in insects' exoskeleton.

In order to produce Kresoxim-methyl 95%, Quinone must be reacted with either Tetrazolium chloride or Diaminotetraac. It has no odour and kills ants, black pavement ants, red fire ants, track scorpions. Methyleugenol is the major active ingredient in Kresoxim-methyl 95%.

Its reactive groups are methoxybenzene which reacts with hydrogen to form hydroquinone or phenol.  exhibiting insecticidal activity against several species of insects, including cockroaches, silverfish and Asian Lady beetles.


Kresoxim-methyl 95%TC is a broadspectrum natural product with insecticidal activity. Insects dying due to the application of it have been found starved, disoriented and unable to seek water for hours after treatment.

It is used on pantry moths, grain beetles, ants, brown dog ticks, among others. It used to control pests on a variety of crops, as well as wood-destroying insects.

It has also been found to be less damaging to beneficial organisms as compared with most other insecticides. It can also be mixed with fertilizers or soil drenching liquids for application over a wide area around fields susceptible.

It controls both foliar and soil-borne diseases of croppers. A foliar spray inhibits the fungus spore germination on foliage, cutting down resistance to future sprays. The soil application increases root growth for healthier plants with more potential for crop production.

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