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  • Chemical Synonym(s): 3F-UB;AF 1 (lecithin);Acti-Flow 68SB;Adlec;Alcolec BS;Alcolec F 100;Alcolec PC 75;Alcolec PG;Alcolec S;Alcolec Z 7;Basis LP 2070R;Basis LP20B;Benecoat BMI 40;Bio Blatt Mehltaumittel;BioBlatt;Centiocap 162US;Centrex F;Centrol 3F-UB;Centrolex R;Centrophase HR 2B;Centrophill IP;Cetinol;E 322 (emulsifier);Emulfluid E;Emulmetik 100;Emulthin M 35;Gliddex;Granulestin;Kelecin;Lecigran 1000P;Leciprime 1500;Lecithine;Lecithol;Lipotin100UB;Lipotin NE;Phospholipids, lecithin com. prepns.;Phospholipon 85G;Phospholutein;Planticin;SICO-NS;SLP-PI Powder;SternprimeN 10 Top;Sunlecithin L 6;Topcitin 50;Lecithin,from egg yolk;soya lecithin;
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  • CAS Number: 8002-43-5
  • Chemical Formula:


    • Deleted CAS:
    • 8035-17-4, 8052-43-5, 8057-53-2, 55128-59-1, 252035-82-8


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