Acrylate copolymer

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  • Chemical Synonym(s): Methacrylic acid,ethyl acrylate,methyl methacrylate polymer; Methacrylic acid,methyl methacrylate,ethyl acrylate polymer; Ethyl acrylate,methyl methacrylate,methacrylic acid polymer; Methyl methacrylate,polymer with ethyl acrylate,methacrylic acid;
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  • CAS Number: 25133-97-5
  • Chemical Formula:


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1.10 (30% aq.)
Boiling Point
99.5ºC at 760 mmHg
Flash Point
Vapor Pressure
38.2mmHg at 25°C
100 °C
storage temp.
refractive index
n20/D 1.442
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Acrylate copolymer is a polymer with good heat resistance, good transparency and can be made into various shapes. It has transparency, hardness, toughness, durability, oil resistance, weathering resistance and other properties.

Its common name is "composite resin." It has properties similar to those of polyester resins.

It is produced by refining acrylonitrile, acrylamide and butyl acrylate, then copolymerizing in the presence of emulsifier and initiator, and then removing the unreacted monomer. Then filtered to get Acrylate copolymer.

It is similar to styrene-based polymers in terms of their chemical structure, but the main difference is that acrylic polymers are produced from acrylic monomers.


Acrylate copolymer is a compound that can be used as a cosmetic ingredient.

It is used as a binder for dental restorative materials such as composites and adhesives.

It can also be found in various applications, including surfactants, sealants, paints, etc. It is a very versatile component of the polymer industry.

Its applications also include acrylate resins, concrete additives, concrete admixtures, emulsion polymers, oil drilling muds, paints and coatings, sealants, sheet materials, wood adhesives, water-based coatings, water-resistant adhesives, grouts, caulks, hot-melt adhesives, plastisol inks, adhesive dispersions, hot-melt coatings, etc.

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