Bisphenol A diphosphate

Basic Info:

  • Chemical Synonym(s):  Phosphoric trichloride,reaction products with bisphenol A and phenol;
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  • CAS Number: 181028-79-5
  • Chemical Formula:



Refractive Index
Appearance & Physical State
colorless or light yellow transparent thick liquid
Storage temp.
CAS DataBase Reference
181028-79-5(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry System
Phosphoric trichloride, reaction products with bisphenol A and phenol (181028-79-5)
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Bisphenol A Disphosphate (BDP) is a phosphoric acid ester of bisphenol A, a plasticizer in various plastics. It is a colorless, odorless powder. It is a clear, viscous liquid when molten.

It is incompatible with potent oxidizing agents. Bisphenol A disphosphate (BDP) is a monomer for polycarbonate(PC) and epoxy resin.

That can polymerize in the presence of free radicals. It dissolves in aromatic solvents such as benzene, carbon tetrachloride, toluene, and chlorobenzene.

It also dissolves in aqueous solutions containing a large water-soluble organic solvent such as methanol, ethanol, diethyl ether, and acetone. It is a new type of material with good chemical stability and thermal stability.


BDP can be used for PP/PC/PS/PMMA/PBT/PA/PMMA/ABS/etc. Epoxy resin,Polycarbonates and Epoxy mixing.

It can use it to make polycarbonate plastic, which is used to make bottles for drinks and food packaging, among other things. It can modify it with other chemicals to create other compounds, such as bisphenol S, which is used to produce epoxy resins.

These resins are used to coat metal parts and prevent corrosion from exposure to air and moisture. Bisphenol A disphosphate (BDP) is used as a flame retardant, an anticorrosive agent for metal alloys, and a chelating agent. It is also used as a hardener in epoxy resins and as a cross-linker.

In some applications, it is known as Nonyl Phenol or Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl)phenol.

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