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China produces 100% of the world's consumer market for lithopone, 38% for iron oxide, 32% for chrome pigments and 13% for titanium dioxide. With the rapid development of China's pigment industry, environmental issues are now the most important factor for the country and the companies to focus on. At present, many polluting factories are relocated or transferred to other countries

Sourcing Coatings & Pigments in China

The main advantages of raw materials for paints and pigments in China:

  1. China's abundant mineral resources make raw materials relatively cheap.
  2. National control on environmental protection makes the quality of the products of the enterprises greatly improved.
  3. Numerous factories have various specifications and much export experience.
  4. The national policy support for new materials makes the new environmental protection materials come out continuously.

If you are not familiar with the market, then you will face the following problems:

  1. Can't get a good price for products such as lithopone, which is exclusive to China.
  2. There are many factories that have been relocated and discontinued due to environmental protection policies. Therefore, if you don't have first-hand information, the supply can easily be interrupted.
  3. It is difficult to find a factory that meets the standards and the right price in a short time.
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Our Experience

We started to export paint and pigment raw materials in 2011, and have more than 10 years of experience. In 2018, because of the environmental protection issue, we newly established the Paint Pigment Raw Material Department, which specializes in environmental health and high active products to provide the most professional service to our customers. The suppliers are all top 10 local companies with guaranteed quality and R&D. Currently, our main exporting countries for paints and pigments are Japan and Europe.


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