Water treatment chemicals

Water treatment agents are chemicals used in the process of industrial water, domestic water and wastewater treatment. Through the use of these chemicals, the water meets certain quality requirements.

Sourcing Water Treatment Chemicals in China

At present, China's water treatment agent production volume is the first in the world. Our company's advantageous products are corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides, flocculants, purifiers, cleaning agents, pre-film agents, etc.


If you are not familiar with the market of water treatment agents in China, you may encounter the following problems.

  • The level of Chinese suppliers varies. It is difficult to find suitable suppliers in a short time.
  • Some scarce products are only produced in small township-type enterprises due to environmental protection policies, and they have no export experience.
  • You may have no technical support to recommend the most suitable solutions and agents for customers.


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Our Experience about Water Treatment Chemicals

Our company, in 2011, established the Water Treatment Agent Division, specializing in the export business of water treatment agents. More than 80% of the current water treatment agent production plants in China are small enterprises, most of which have no export business. The suppliers we cooperate with in Tianjin and Qingdao are all head enterprises in China and are familiar with export business.

Our Advantages

We don't just provide you with raw materials. We recommend different agents and solutions depending on the application scenario. For example, for the oil project in Qatar, we provided a complete solution from the source water to all the final water treatment aspects.

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