Pesticide intermediates

From the perspective of industry chain segmentation, pesticide products can be roughly divided into pesticide intermediates, pesticide prodrugs and pesticide formulations.

Sourcing Pesticide Intermediates in China

China's pesticide industry has established a complete industrial system from producing original drugs, intermediates to the preparation processing.

With the development of new pesticides in China, some special intermediates are developing faster, such as:

  • fluorine-containing
  • cyano-containing
  • heterocyclic intermediates

among which the more prominent are pyrethroid pesticides intermediates, such as

  • pyrethrins
  • permethrin
  • butyric acid
  • ether aldehyde
  • acrylolethone

These intermediates can be produced in China, and the production sites are mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu areas.

In addition, the process enhancement of some pesticide intermediates is also mature. The main achievements are:

  • synthesis of pinacolone by isopentene method
  • synthesis of formic acid by methanol carbonyl method
  • synthesis of chloroacetic acid by acetic anhydride catalytic method
  • new process of diethoxy phosphorothioic chloride
  • extraction of refined naphthalene by directional crystallization method
  • production of dichlorobenzene by directional chlorination method
  • phase transfer catalytic reaction
  • synthesis of chloroacetyl chloride by double vinyl ketone method
  • production of aromatic amines by catalytic hydrogenation, etc.
Pesticide intermediates
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Our Experience about Pesticide Intermediates

In recent years, many factories in China have been asked by the government to relocate, transfer or even close down due to environmental reasons. So many factories have stopped production now, but some of the closed factories claim that they are still producing pesticide intermediates. After getting orders, they purchase from other factories, which is a kind of deception to customers.

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Our company knows the factories in each production area very well. We know the real production factory with the lowest price and the best quality. Through us, you can save a lot of time and money. Our main customers are in Japan, Europe and the USA.

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