Household Chemicals

Household chemical products are daily chemicals, which are commonly used by people on a regular basis, including shampoo, body wash, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, laundry detergent and so on.

Household Chemicals in China

China has sufficient production capacity of daily-use chemical raw materials, and the main raw materials exported are surfactants, gum raw materials, fragrances and flavors, pigments, plant extracts, compound raw materials, etc. At present, the development of surface active materials in China is very rapid. The variety and quality of raw materials are constantly improving


Advantages of Chinese daily chemical raw materials:

  • A complete range of products, quality and technology up to standard and guaranteed production and supply.
  • Low prices of upstream raw materials, perfect supply chain and low procurement costs.

Problems you will face if you are not familiar with the Chinese market:

  • The variety of products produced by factories varies a lot, and it is difficult for you to get a stable supply if you are not familiar with the policy and the market.
  • There are a large number of factories with different products so it is difficult to find the right raw materials.
    You can't find the supply or the price is high when you encounter unexpected events such as the price spike when the market is short of goods.
household chemicals
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All of our suppliers have been cooperating for more than ten years and can guarantee better quality, quantity, and delivery time. Non-conventional products can be produced in the form of commissioned customization. Every year, we conduct strict factory inspections, supplier surveys, and market surveys. This ensures that we always have the most up-to-date information and the best suppliers who can handle any situation. Our partner carriers are also the most vocal companies in the industry in China, and able to dispatch to containers, storage tanks or cabins at special times. Our rich export experience and professional team can customize various export solutions for our clients.

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