Polyimide Raw Materials

Polyimide is a polymer of imide monomers belonging to the class of high performance plastics.

Polyimide Raw Materials in China

China has become the world's most important producer of polyimide raw materials, and the raw materials for PMDA and ODA products have been recognized by many international manufacturers.

Polyimide is mainly synthesized by dianhydride and diamine.Compared to other heterocyclic polymers such as polybenzimidazole, polybenzimidazole, polybenzothiazole, polyquinoline and polyquinoline, these monomers have the advantage of a comprehensive source of raw materials and ease of synthesis. There are many varieties of dianhydride and diamine. Different combinations can obtain different properties of polyimide. At present, there is a mature supply chain for ODA and PMDA in China.


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Our Experience

Recently, fluorinated polyimide is becoming more and more popular in the field of optoelectronics. Since 2008, we have supplied various raw materials for PI films to more than 10 customers, including famous manufacturers such as Du** and S*.

If you are not familiar with Chinese polyimide raw material market, you will face the following risks when purchasing.

  •  The raw materials purchased are very expensive.
  •  The supply of raw materials is extremely unstable and the quality is very poor

Our Advantages

Through our internal supplier system, we have access to the changes and technologies in each plant. We have the ability to coordinate with suppliers and can help you address risks and reduce costs.

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