Plastic additives

All compounds used to polymerize, alter, or modify the end-use qualities of plastics are referred to as plastic additives.

Sourcing Plastic Additives in China

China is currently a very important producer in the production of plastic additives, with 168, 1010, DSTDP, DLTDP, 977 and 365 being the most produced of all in the world. The price of plastic additives varies significantly with oil, while the cost correlation between antioxidants and palm oil is high. Since 2020, the number of black swan events in the world has increased, resulting in dramatic changes in raw material prices. Companies such as UPP, SONGWON, PMC, LG, etc. have been alerted by us in time and have avoided many losses.

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Our Experience

We started our resin raw materials business in 2009, and now we are working with 12 10,000 tons factories located in Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Liaoning, purchasing more than 1000 tons per year. Since 2009, we have supplied more than 20 kinds of resin raw materials and various resins to more than 30+ customers, including Kolon, Hanwha, Mit, Basel and other famous companies.

Our Advantages

Suppose you are not familiar with the Chinese market. In that case, you will most likely choose to purchase from companies such as SINOPEC and Petrochemical, whose communication is inefficient while giving you high prices. And the payment terms of these companies are not flexible, and most of them will require payment in advance.

The advantage of working with us is that we have a very good relationship with each resin raw material factory.

  • We can get better prices, solve quotas for key raw materials, and help you get the goods first.
  • We can provide financial support and give you flexible payment options.
  • We have rich experience in chemical ships, ISO tank and other transportation methods, and we can provide competitive prices.

Working with us, we can guarantee you quality, timely delivery, fast response and flexible payment. We can help you to solve all the risks of quality and payment

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