Organic solvents

Organic solvents are widely used organic compounds with small molecular weight and liquid states at room temperature

Characteristics of organic solvents in China

There is a wide range of organic solvents in China, so you can find a suitable supplier for basically any solvent you need in China.

However, there is still a gap between Chinese factories and the world's largest manufacturers regarding high content solvents.

In some industries, such as electronics, electroplating, etc., it takes time to accumulate the technology to catch up with international manufacturers.

But Chinese organic solvents also have their advantages:

  • China has a full range of solvents.
  • Environmentally friendly organic solvents are developing faster and faster.
  • Our organic solvent production and environmental protection have reached high international standards.

organic solvents
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Our Experience About Organic Solvents

Our company has started the business of organic solvents since 2011. Currently, we are cooperating with five factories of 10,000 tons level, which are located in Jiangsu, Shandong and Ningxia national chemical parks. The annual sales volume is more than 10,000 tons per year. From 2011 to now, we have supplied 28 kinds of solvents to more than 60+ foreign customers.

The main problems of organic solvents in China at present are:

  • varying quality
  • price fluctuations
  • regional export restrictions.

If you are not familiar with the Chinese market, your will face

  •  the risk of rapid changes in raw material prices
  •  the risk of shutdown and relocation of factories in China due to environmental protection requirements

Our Advantages

We have been deeply involved in the solvent market in China, and we have a very clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of all solvent plants in China.We understand our position - to serve our customers well, and we can analyze the oil trend through the change of oil price and accurately predict the change of solvent price.

In addition, we understand the environmental and safety policies in the regions where all plants are located, and we can help you solve the risks by notifying our customers 6-12 months in advance to prepare for the transfer.
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