Flame Retardant

Most plastic products are flammable, which brings many hidden dangers to their application safety, so flame retardants have become an indispensable additive in plastic products.

Flame Retardant in China

China's phosphate and magnesium ore resources are abundant and cheap, and the price of Chinese flame retardants is also very favorable in the world market. The Chinese government has listed flame retardants as one of the key materials in the 13th Five-Year Plan, which has led to the rapid development of production and promotion of flame retardants.


If you are not familiar with the Chinese market, then you will face many problems .

  • There are many factories producing flame retardants in China, and each factory's price, quality, and target customer group are completely different.
  • Some factories have the advantage of price and raw materials, while others have the advantage of quality and experimental data. If you are not familiar with the Chinese market, it is difficult to find the factory that best meets your needs quickly.

But through SUNCHEM, we will fully understand the needs of our customers and then recommend the most suitable suppliers to them. Because we purchase large quantities, we can control the quality and supply chain.


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Our Advantages about Flame Retardant

From September 2021, the price of phosphorus has been very high because China's electricity restriction policy and the rapid development of electric vehicles have made it impossible for Chinese phosphorus production to catch up with the market demand. However, SUNCHEM has its own phosphorus mine. Our TCPP, TCEP and TPP are currently leading the sales in China.


At present, China is also vigorously developing inorganic flame retardants, and we have helped our Korean customer successfully develop a lightweight aluminum hydroxide flame retardant. Inorganic flame retardants are an important research direction for us in the future.

We can also provide various kinds of polymer materials with flame retardants for OEM processing. We can meet the needs of our customers.

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