Nutritional and Amino Acids

Nutritional products and amino acids are currently an important division of our pharmaceutical department, and our main customers are foreign health care companies and cosmetic companies. We currently have popular products such as lipoic acid, calcium gama-hydroxybutyrate, and hyaluronic acid.

Nutritional and Amino Acids in China

Amino acids are an essential substance for human body, and China has the most comprehensive fermentation production base in the world. We provide more than 50 kinds of amino acids, mainly for food additives, cosmetic production, etc.

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Our Experience about Nutritional and Amino Acids

At present, our main products are lipoic acid, calcium gama-hydroxybutyrate, hyaluronic acid, etc. We have a great advantage in the supply chain of amino acids. A good amino acid plant must have the advantage of fermentation, which requires high cost and barriers, as well as high environmental requirements. We know every amino acid plant in China and can provide you with the most accurate information.

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